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Under the Patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi Minister of Commerce and Investment

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It is my pleasure to welcome engineers regionally and internationally to the International Engineering Conference to be held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be held under the Patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi Minister of Commerce and Investment.

This initiative will be the largest gathering of engineers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to enhance the engineering standards, transfer knowledge, bench mark the best practices implemented whilst at the same time discussing the challenges and innovation in the engineering sector.

The Saudi Council of Engineers is committed to support and execute initiatives in line with Saudi Arabia's vision 2030. The International Engineering Conference will have 12 dedicated engineering tracks spanning from Aerospace, Industrial, Mechanical, and Electrical to renewable energy.This platform will allow engineers to communicate, learn and build relationship to work towards a common objective of achieving the 2030 vision.

I am happy to see great interest from authorities and professionals to actively participate in this conference. I would like to thank all participants, partners, and our associates in collaborating to ensure success of the conference which will add value to every engineer attending and companies participating to showcase their technological innovations and products.

I hope that the conference will be stimulating, informative, enjoyable and a valuable experience to all who attend it.

Conference Chairman

Dr. Jamil Al Bagawi

Chairman, Saudi Council of Engineers

On behalf of the Saudi Council of Engineers, I am delighted to welcome engineers worldwide to collaborate and showcase technological innovations and challenges. The International Engineering Conference and Exhibition will play a major role on engineering within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We, as technical committee, are planning and working towards the involvement of major societies, academics, institutions and well known leaders to ensure the success of this prestigious gathering of professionals targeting purely scientific and technical knowledge of experts under one roof.

The theme for International Engineering Conference is "Uplifting Engineering Standards towards National Development". The conference will offer industry, practitioners and professionals a world class platform to meet and discuss the latest trends and technologies in multiple engineering verticals. The technical program features a lineup of regionally and internationally renowned speakers addressing a spectrum of current maintenance technologies, issues and challenges. The comprehensive industry exhibition will bring global suppliers of equipment, technology and services together with professionals globally.

With these rich resources available to the participants, it is my strong hope that this will help update your knowledge of best practices in leading organizations and services available in the market.

We are honored to have the support and blessings from officials and authorities regionally and internationally towards this initiative and I look forward towards active participation in the technical sessions and hope that you enjoy the beautiful city of Riyadh filled with cultural and history.

Technical Committee Chairman

Dr. Bassam AL Ghulman

Vice President, Saudi Council of Engineers


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"Uplifting Engineering Standards towards National Development"


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