Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi

Under the Patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi Minister of Commerce and Investment

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Day 0105 Dec 2017

  • Safety Engineering & Testing and Inspection Engineering
    • Fire Safety Protection Engineering
    • Safety Management and Engineering
    • Quality of Project and Operation facilities
    • Construction Safety
  • Civil Engineering and Surveying Engineering
    • Transportation
    • Construction Engineering
    • Geospatial Data
    • Water and Construction Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Desalination Engineering
    • Supply chain and Industrial operations
    • Quality and inventory management
    • Solar energy in water desalination: opportunity and challenges with 2030
    • Manufacturing systems design and modeling
  • Architectural Engineering and Architectural Heritage
    • Urban heritage and Technology
    • Standards, Rules and Regulations
    • The Future of architectural design
    • Affordable Housing and 2030 KSA vision

Day 0206 Dec 2017

  • Project Management and Value Engineering
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
    • Project Governance
    • Value Engineering Benefits for Saudi Vision 2030
    • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Structural Engineering and Mining Engineering & Geology
    • Codes & Sustainability
    • Safety and lifespan of structures
    • The new trends of mining sector in minerals exploration and applications
    • Structural failure, BIM and economic structures
  • Computer & Communications Engineering
    • Kingdom 2030 vision for telecommunications development transformation toward support to local innovations, initiatives and regularity plan
    • Evolution and future of telecommunications networks toward Digital business Ecosystem for services provider’s transformations
    • The New Generation Researches of Recognition & Decision Making Systems
    • Secure & Protect the information and New Communication Tech.
  • Renewable Energy
    • Energy applications in water desalination
    • Hybrid system design, problems and performance evaluation
    • Scientific experiments in renewable energy generation (Aircraft vibration - vertical and horizontal generators - experience at the Australian University - solar module)
    • Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia

Day 0307 Dec 2017

  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Vibration and Dynamic
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Heat Transfer
    • Systems Control and Modifications
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Strategy of Operations Excellence (Reliability, Optimization, Design for Maintenance, Road maintenance contract)
    • Implementation of Operations Excellence (Maintainability, Key Indicators, contractor manpower certification, Award)
    • Strategy of Asset Management (Infrastructure, Challenges, Quality, System)
    • Implementation of Asset Management Integrity, Turnarounds, Resorts maintenance, Failure Analysis & Corrective action
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Power System Protection & Automation Implementation
    • Smart Grid and Microgrid Technology
    • Power System Quality & Reliability
    • Power Cables & Over Head Lines (O.H.L)
  • Green Building
    • Green Building: A sustainable economy for the Saudi Vision 2030
    • Principles of Integration in Green Building: and alternative energy sources in building
    • The aspirations of the next decade: a look at sustainable building materials
    • Green building Economy and investment in the Saudi Real-estate market


  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Developments in Micro/Nano/Molecular Manipulations
    • Case Studies :- Mechanical Vibration
    • Heat Transfer
    • Systems Control Theory& Applications
  • Computer Engineering
    • Challenges and Innovation in M2M
    • Issues on Software Engineering - IoT
    • Future of Cloud Computing in term of Security & Privacy
    • How Big Data is making cities "Smart"
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Power System Quality & Reliability
    • Power System Protection & Automation Implementation
    • Power Cables & Over Head Lines (O.H.L)
    • Smart Grid and Microgrid Technology
  • Architecture Engineering
    • The role of architecture in realizing the vision of the Kingdom in 2030 on the classification of three Saudi cities among the top 100 cities.
    • Universal access in architectural design techniques
    • The role of the architect in finding solutions for housing
    • Project management architect techniques
  • Civil Engineering
    • Transportation Challenges and Innovations
    • Latest Development in Concrete (Standards & Materials)
    • Saudi code and its importance
    • Planning & Design for Effective Construction
  • Industrial Engineering
    • Manufacturing and production systems
    • Industrial operation and supply chain
    • Human Resource Development
    • Quality and Safety Systems Programs
  • Airspace Engineering
    • Product Safety
    • Aircraft Maintenance & Quality
    • Aerospace Industrialization
    • General Aviation regulation
    • Aviation Training & Competency
  • Material Engineering
    • Pipeline steel materials & joining
    • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) challenges in aged industrial assets
    • Analytical technologies and advanced characterization
    • Aluminum recycling challenges and sustainability
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Health Technology Management to improve quality of healthcare
    • Latest trends in Biomedical Engineering
    • Role of Saudi Biomedical Engineers in 2030 vision
    • Panel Discussion (academic, industry, healthcare, private sector, regulation, societies, )
  • Renewable Energy
    • International and local legislation and regulations.
    • Benefit from international experiences in the field of renewable energy sources.
    • The role of the private sector in renewable energy projects to achieve 2030 Vision.
    • connect the outputs of education, training and rehabilitation policies to meet the needs of the labor market in the field of renewable energy
  • Mining Engineering and Geology
    • The mining sector in the Kingdom of the current and future reality
    • The development of the mining industry sector through value-added chain
    • Competitive mining sector in the Kingdom of increasing (staff development, infrastructure, support services, modern technologies)
    • The application of environmental standards, safety and health in the mining sector


  • Green Building
    • Green Buildings: A sustainable1- economy for the Saudi Vision 2030
    • Principles of Integration in Green Building: Challenges and opportunities
    • Green Building investment in the Saudi Real Estate market
    • The aspirations of the next decade: a look at sustainable building materials and alternative energy sources in building
  • Surveying Engineering
    • Space geodesy; infrastructure support to achieve Vision 2030.
    • The role of remote sensing and aerial survey in national development.
    • Geographic Information Systems in Saudi Arabia: (applications and specifications and integration).
    • Digital mapping and spatial information and its role in Saudi Arabia, smart cities and programs of national transformation.
  • Project Management
    • Project governance - Performance measurement & management (Scope, Cost and Schedule)
    • Projects and Program Management Office
    • Effective Strategies for Public Private Participation (PPP)
    • Role of Universities and Vocational Institutes in Project Management Professionals Development and employment.
  • Testing & Inspection Engineering
    • Quality Control and Assurance in projects & Risk Based Inspection
    • Non Destructive Testing and New Technologies
    • Lifting Equipment Inspection
    • Operation Plant Inspection and challenges
  • Operations & Maintenance Engineering
    • Asset Management (Planning and Scheduling, Turnaround, Reliability, Computerized Maintenance Management System, Obsolete systems/Equipment), Asset Life Cycle Management, Planning)
    • Operational Excellence (best practices, technology, performance indicators, auditprocedures and systems, initiatives and success) stories
    • Contracting and Materials (contract management, spare parts)
    • Human Resources (training, rehabilitation and development of human resources, rehabilitation and specialized exams, Saudization)
  • Value Engineering
    • The positive role of value engineering in the Saudi Vision 2030
    • The benefits of value engineering applications in the area of operation and maintenance.
    • The importance of establishing engineering project costs databases.
    • The benefits of value engineering applications in the field of infrastructure mega projects
  • Safety Engineering
    • The impact of the safety unification and fire protection systems in the Kingdom in term of reducing accidents
    • Safety & fire protection requirements in the projects under construction
    • The importance of risk assessment of the facilities in the reduction of accidents and increase the level of safety studies.
    • Applications and safety programs and the prevention of fire inspections at facilities
  • Accessibility
    • Universal accessibility in built environment.
    • Universal accessibility in mobility.
    • Universal accessibility in ICT
    • Universal accessibility in safety and disaster management.


  • Communications Engineering
    • Kingdom 2030 Vision for Telecommunications Development Transformation with support to local innovations and initiatives
    • Evolution and future of telecommunications networks
    • Digital business Ecosystem and services provider's transformations
    • Opportunities of investments in telecommunications sector and future regulatory environment plan
  • Structural Engineering
    • Saudi, American and European Codes of practice
    • Design, resilience and sustainability of skyscrapers
    • Design, resilience and sustainability of suspension bridges
    • Problems in soil mechanics and foundation design and rehabilitation of structures.
  • Desalination Engineering
    • Increase the presence of desalination equipment by examination
    • Multi-effect desalination technology
    • Dual solar hydrogen stations for continuous production of water and energy.
    • Raise the efficiency of reverse osmosis plants
  • Iron and Steel
    • Iron & steel industry : opportunities & challenges
    • Industrial applications
    • Structural applications
    • Iron & steel making technologies
  • Architectural Heritage
    • Architectural heritage and its role in the development of national income sources
    • Lessons that are learned from architectural Heritage
    • The role of universities, government, and private institutions in preserving the architectural Heritage
    • Architectural heritage nowadays and its future
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